About MBE

Thank you for dropping by MBE today.

Originally conceived in 2002, MBE was created with the college student in mind. However, the concept was soon after extended to the general public. The site has been inactive fore several years, but due to the continued relevance of the concept, we have decided to "revive" same.

Over the years, there have been several book exchanges that have not only started, but have become very successful. Our hat's off to these companies. Our goal then, and still is, to provide our publics with high value and low cost, and a simplified process.

So, it's pretty simple:
You just exchange books you're not using for books you want, with other MBE members.

- No selling
- No buying
- No points
- No credits
- save
$100s or $1000s
- you pay a $2 transaction fee, regardless of # of books
- you pay the shipping (or make arrangements with a member for a local direct exchange)

In the coming months, we will be doing a major redesign and enhancement, including some pretty neat features to make your exchange experience even more seamless. We are VERY excited about this upcoming redesign!

We ask that you tell a friend about this service, as we feel it will greatly help anyone that becomes a member. We do also encourage that you send any comments, and/or questions that you may have. Our goal is to make this service work for you.

Our pledge to you...
We will be true to you in all we do. We are an organization with strong ethical beliefs, and will strive to do what is right, while maintaining the integrity and quality of our service to you. Thanks!

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